What type of houses do we buy in Charleston WV?

A&M In an Instant Ep. 2

Hey guys, Andrew McDavid, A&M Investments. We buy houses in Charleston, WV and surrounding areas.

I wanna talk to you real quick about a question that we get asked a ton, and that is, what type of houses do we buy in Charleston WV? Well we buy a bunch of different houses, we buy pretty houses, we buy ugly houses, but it usually falls into one of these four or five different categories.

Number one, foreclosure, maybe the homeowner has lost a job or someone has passed away, and they can no longer afford the home. We are able to come in, pay cash for the home, keep a devastating hit on our credit, and then maybe give them some of their equity.

Number two, taxes, maybe the house is behind on taxes, it’s a rental, and the renter has trashed the house and left, and the landlord’s left holding the bag. We’re able to come in, catch the taxes up, pay for the home, move on down the road.

Number three, inheritance, maybe someone has passed away and the heir already has a home, so they don’t need two, and this house usually has repairs that need to be done. Maybe that homeowner doesn’t have the money to pay for it.

We’re able to come in, pay cash for the home, even if it has a structural problem, we will still purchase the home. Now, we will usually have a structural engineer come out, tell us how much it’s gonna cost, but the benefit for us is that we don’t have to do inspections or appraisals other than the structural, so we’re able to come in, pay cash for the home, which is difficult for people who are dealing with the bank on the MLS.

And lastly, it’s relocation, someone has got a job, and they have to relocate, they can’t afford two homes, and they need to get rid of one quickly. So if you know someone, or you yourself is in one of these scenarios, please give us a call, we’ll be glad to chat with you about it, we do a free appointment to come out and take a look at it
you have nothing to lose, so again, this is Andrew McDavid, A&M Investments, have a good one.

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Andrew McDavid

We have been buying houses for going on 7 years now. We love the process of buying a house and rehabbing it to make it new again. We buy ugly houses as well as pretty houses. We buy them as-is and we try to craft win-win situations for both us and the buyer. Contact us today. We'd love to talk to you about your house!

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