The 3 things we look for when buying your Charleston WV house

Hey guys, this is Andrew McDavid, A&M Investments.We buy houses in Charleston, West Virginia and the surrounding areas. First video we did we talked about our house buying process in general. The second video we did we talked about what kind of houses we buy.

Now I want to talk about the 3 things we look for when buying your Charleston WV house. Okay so the first thing is that our acquisitions manager, he’s gonna come out to the house he’s gonna walk through with you and look at your house.

He’s gonna be taking into account the location of the home. Is the house desirable? Is the home in a desirable location? Do people actually want to buy houses in this specific location? He’s taking into account
all those thinks, okay?

Second, he’s gonna take into account the repairs. Does the roof need replaced? Does it need siding? If so, how much is that going to cost? Does the carpet need replaced? Does the house need painting? Does it need a deck? Do the kitchens and bathrooms need updating?

Does it have a basement? If so, is the water getting in the basement? If so, it needs an internal drain. Does the house have a structural problem? He’s gonna be looking at the walls and measuring them up to make sure that there’s no structural problem that we need to be accounting for.

The very last thing and third thing is how much are you asking for your home. So how do we get to the offer of what we offer you for your house? Well we work our way backwards. So we start at what we think we could sell the home for, all right? Then we’re gonna subtract out how much it’s going to cost for us to remodel your home.

We then subtract out the profit that we want to make on the house. That number is the number we give to you for what we can pay for your home, cash, close in two weeks. So hope this video’s been helpful. This has been three things that we look for when buying houses in Charleston, West Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

This is Andrew McDavid, A&M Investments. Hope you have a great day.


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A&M In an Instant Ep. 3 - Top 3 things that we look for when buying a house in Charleston WV
Andrew McDavid

We have been buying houses for going on 7 years now. We love the process of buying a house and rehabbing it to make it new again. We buy ugly houses as well as pretty houses. We buy them as-is and we try to craft win-win situations for both us and the buyer. Contact us today. We'd love to talk to you about your house!

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